Theatre brochure, Dandy Dick, London Garrick Theatre, 1973


This animation shows 8 of the 24 pages included in this Arthur W. Pinero's "Dandy Dick" theatre brochure. Note the advertisement for Agatha Christie's play "The Mousetrap". The play was at the time in its 22nd year and was the world longest ever run. It has now been running for 55 years. 31 years later Patricia Routledge comes back to the Garrick Theatre in 2004 to play in "The Solid Gold Cadillac".

Cast: Patricia Routledge, Lucinda Gane, Gemma Craven, Charles Lloyd Pack, Barry McGinn, Geoffrey Beevers, Alastair Sim, Ralph Michael, Richard Denning, Pip Hinton, Richard Owens.


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